13 Jan 2012

How to Make a Fabric Storage Container- a sewing tutorial

I like to craft, actually I need to craft to keep me a happy person. My two faves are fabric dyeing

 or sewing

but I dabble in other forms as well, I am developing a bit of a thing for modge podge lately.

Aaanyway my point was actually to show you how to make fabric container to store things in. My son collects thing, small things, and they seem to end up on his dresser top. I wanted to make a little holder to throw these collections into at the end of the day.

I have made several of these before in a variety of different sizes, some hold my jewelry in a drawer or all of N's creams (he has exzema) on the buffet in the living room but this time I just wanted a little one so here we go.


supplies: heavy weight fabric
               light / med weight fabric
               thread and sewing machine

I usually use a fleece interfacing for stability but as I am out so I used jean for the heavy weight and iron on fusible web instead

You can make these to any size you want,
To figure out the size of your container double the length measurement and add one inch(length X 2+1"). For example to make a container about 8 inches around your  fabric will measure 17"
The height measurement is height plus 2 inches(height + 2").

If you are going to fold your container over like this one remember to add the folded amount into your height measurement.

Cut one piece of fabric from each fabric and one piece of interfacing.

 Fold your fabric in half , right sides together, lengthwise(long sides ends together) and sew down side top to bottom. Sew both pieces of fabric separately but when sewing lightweight fabric also sew
interfacing with it.

so you have made a tube shape

then sew the bottom of pieces closed

Now I will to try to explain this next step as well as I can.
Open up your pieces of fabric , still right sides together, and fold it so the seam is facing up. this will make the corners point up. Like in the picture below like peaks. Make sense?
sew across each of these peaks separately like the pic above, don't worry about being in the exact same place as picture just make the seam in the same place on each peak.

now turn the piece you want as your outside layer the right way around (not inside out anymore)
then tuck the other layer still inside out inside it

Because I knew that I was going to fold my top over I didn't  bother to fold the top edges down a bit to create a non rough edge seam but of course you can.  Now sew top edges together.
You now have your fabric container. Leave the sides up or fold over if you want.

A happy collection holding container

If you have any questions about my oh so clear instructions please email me. They are quite easy to make


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