16 Jan 2012

7 Steps to Make Goal Setting Easier

 We all have things we want to accomplish in our lives, be it professional or personal, and often these things need to planned for. This is where goal setting comes in.
Goal setting is the action of figuring out "what do we want and how are we going to get it".
But even though we know we want to do something-
organize all your photos on the computer or get your work nemesis fired
we may not feel up to the work involved in setting those goals.

Here are 7 steps to make goal setting easier

#1 prioritize
sometime we have a lot of goals and they are flying around in our head so we need to write down all these goals and then label them-now, later, sometime

finish writing grant proposal-now
sew new dress for daughter- later
price out new carpets -sometime

focus on the ones labeled now, put the others aside
 #2  know the benefits
  What will the benefit be to me if I accomplish this?
     The need to stop wearing armour to work to save you     from the back stabbing
      Knowing what you are getting at the end can make it easier to make that first step

#3  whose goal is it?
      Is this for you, something you want, or are other people telling you what they think you should be doing and that has worked it's way into your head as your goal? Throw out other people's goals for you as there is no motivation in accomplishing them for you.
if someone else thinks you should start eating better let their goal be to do some grocery shopping for you

#4 be positive
when you write down your goal(s), and you will write them down to keep you focused on them, write them in a positive statement.
I will have all of the 2010 pictures organized into folders in 3 weeks
instead of
I will stop adding more pictures to the already overcrowded folder named "pictures"
#5 how do you eat an elephant?
answer to that question- one bite at a time
OK so you have a goal in mind
redoing the bathroom
 you are motivated to do it because of what the end result is
you don't need to send company away before they need to use the bathroom
and you know that it is something you want.
you like to talk to people older than your children

Now you need to figure out the small step to achieving it.
convince husband of need for new showerhead
remove old fixtures
remove old tile
take class to learn how to install tile
repaint walls
install new tile
have burly man put in new counter tops
install new fixtures

#6 do some backward planning
if the steps aren't as easy to figure out as a bathroom makeover than maybe some backward planning is needed. This means to starts with the end, the desired result, and work backwards

Earn $500 more a month 
ask for raise
take a class to improve a work related skill
find childcare for time you spend in class
search for class to take
ask boss what they want workers to improve at
identify what skills you think are needed at work

#7  celebrate your wins
give yourself a deadline for when you are going to accomplish these little steps that lead up to your goal, then celebrate each time you make that deadline and get a step closer to your goal
enjoy a drink as you watch those burly men installing your counter top within 3 weeks of starting reno

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