About me:

My name is Nicci and I am a 40 ish mom of 3 ( 17 & 9 &5 ) who works as admin support full time in an office that provides emergency services. This means we are open 24/7 which means that I work shiftwork. Plus the rotation changes every 4 weeks- just as you get the routine around meals, homework and childcare flowing it changes. Hey variety is exciting right?

I like to read, sew, dye things,hangout with my kids, bake (but not cook), do craft projects for the young and old in my family and watch Real Estate and DIY home improvement shows and sleep.

Maybe we can share some ideas on how to give us more up time and keep us from bumping our butts on the ground and biting our tongues ( does this happen to you or is it just me- darn seesaw)

So here's to squeezing a minute to find time to do it all! and maybe a little housework too!

Want to work with me?

I welcome contact from PRs and brands representing products and services relevant to the content of this blog. If you'd like to get in touch, please email nicci@squeezingaminute.com

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