22 Feb 2012


I think I try pretty hard to get readers to my blog. So I keep an eye on my stats to see  what people are interested in so I can do more of it.
Source: amazon.com via Risha on Pinterest

I use blogger stats and google analyticals and I couldn't figure out why they were so different. Like a 50% difference. Apparently the one that advertisers look at is the google analyticals and of course that is the one that is so much lower. Hmm?
I went on google to try to figure out why such a difference and there was mostly articles from people who were wondering why as well. There was one article that I think explained it , if it was correct. They said that the reason that GA was so much lower was because if people used an advertisement blocking program those page views wouldn't show up in GA.

I didn't even know an advertising blocking program exists but apparently 50% of my readers do
So while it is frustrating that Google analyticals view register so low when that is the one advertisers look at but it makes sense that they want to be seen and not blocked

There is a HTML code in the article that may help with evening out your count but at this point in time it is beyond my knowledge to use.


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