15 Feb 2012

If it's Tuesday I'm Where?

With a work schedule that changes every 4 weeks it means that I am frequently reshuffling my daycare arrangements.
We are lucky that My sister-in-law will take them if I am on afternoon shift and my Aunt (who was a preschool teacher) will come to my place once a week when I work days shifts. The rest I trade so I work on weekends when hubby is home and use my teenage daughter to cover.
Once my youngest is in school full time we will also add the daycare at school to our rotation( and I will try to find a Mon to Fri job to replace this one)
I am always telling my kids who is watching them after school but if they need to go to daycare they need to be able to remember and get there independently. So I decided to make these childcare arrangement keychains

I plan on clipping them to their backpacks on the days I am going to work so they know where they need to go at the end of the day.

I cut out circles from shrinky plastic

then labeled and decorated them so even my non reader understands what's up

then shrink them according to package directions

added them to keychain hardware I already had then found a easy on/off clip to keep them attached to their backpacks

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