24 Dec 2011

A quick and simple way to organize a notebook

I have a notebook. It looks like this
stickies, scrap paper and other ways to keep my place and "help" me find the section I am looking for.
Nope not working for me
I wanted a quick fix that neatened up the notebook and set the sections  apart better


I used some dyed bias tape in different colors and tied them in a knot around a big paper clip. I have seen it done with a strip of fabric and I don't know why you couldn't use a piece of colored paper folded into a thin strip and taped on as well.

The loose papers are held in the paper clips and the different colors of bias tape let me know which section is which.
pretty easy peasy hey?

Do you keep information for multiple resources in one notebook? Do you have a way to keep it usable?


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