20 Dec 2011

The greatest way to get everything done

Wouldn't it be great if we could get everything done? But there is only so many hours in a day and if we were able to get all our "work" done in those hours then we have probably forgotten to give ourselves some ( I am going to sit on this couch for 15 minutes and read, don't ask me to do anything) time that day.

But I do have a tip that will help prioritize the "work" part of the day and can be used for everyone in the family. Use the mantra
Do what you need to do first!

For example my oldest(17 yrs) had tasks that need to get done and of course she is doing them without my overseeing.  I will leave the tasks - empty dishwasher, sweep floor - in a note and she knows that she has the house to herself for about 2 hours and I will walk in and she is just finishing up the floor. Now I know she has spent the last hour and 45 minutes on the computer and is now doing a mad scramble to finish her chores. I pull out my mantra  Do what you need to do first! then you can have a relaxed time to surf or read. By doing what needs to be done ( chores) first then you don't need to clock watch and calculate ( often incorrectly) the time it takes to get your work done and it actually gets finished.
Plus isn't it nice to sit down on the couch or by the computer knowing that you don't have anything looming over you that needs immediate attention. Makes it sweeter I think.


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