23 Nov 2011

My table problem and a giveaway

I have a big old wooden dining table. It is scratched, has heat marks but is solid and I love my table.
So I clean off my table
A few potted plants , box of crayons and the laptop computer live here
There it is in all it's glory, scratched ,stained and well used

then here it is
 the next day

a paper cutter and another laptop
a few cups and a water bottle
paper pen and toys


                    and the next day

hmm laptop gone but replaced  by a craft project or two, lego, more toys, magazine and tp for son's runny nose.
Oh and that's my wallet as I was supposed to be getting a membership(her allowance) for a site but couldn't read her handwriting.

Ok this is your challenge if you chose to accept it
I am looking for ideas on how to keep the table cleaner. We do not eat at this table very often so it is used as a homework, computer and crafting space but as it is in a pretty prominent spot in my house I need it to look neater.
Leave a comment by Dec 1st about your best idea for keeping a neater look longer and the best three will get their own custom checklist

It can be a checklist for anything with colors of your choosing



  1. Hiya i’m your newest follower (maybe your first?) via follow me wednesday (3 four and under) what a cute blog you have :)
    i think you need a table box, like a crate of something, things that are pretty much on the table everyday go in that box, or otherwise just chuck everything in the box if someone were to come over. A box is super handy for walking around the house and popping things in the right spot.
    love Emily from studousstitch.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Nicci,
    Michaels sells sets of three baskets that stack inside each other. The ones I was thinking of are the soft sided, dark brown baskets. Soft so they don't scratch your surfaces and soft enough for a child to try to get off the table. Use the smaller basket for your everyday items like tissue and remotes etc. Use the other two accordingly, laptop and desk related items and one for your crafts. They look nice and are soft yet sturdy.

  3. My house is a mess, but I like agree w/ the first 2 comments about getting cute baskets to disguise the mess.

  4. While I think baskets/boxes are a good idea, you still need to be careful about what goes in those baskets. They could turn in to being a clutter catcher like the table. I'm struggling with this as well since my husband uses the table as his desk (laptop, monitor) and piles mail on it. I have been trying to be vigilant about not putting anything else on the table but I'm failing! I think what it ultimately has to come down to is as soon as you finish a project/whatever, put everything away. Kiddo's done playing at the table? Have them put the legos up and the TP back in the bathroom. It'll take a while to make it a habit, but at least you'll keep things from piling up. Maybe even set aside 10 minutes in the AM or PM to do a swipe...Just some thoughts.


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